Feeling stuck? You’re not alone. Millions of people are stuck in meaningless jobs, empty relationships, and difficult situations, repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over again. You know there’s something more. Deep down, you’ve been having that gnawing feeling. Fortunately, there IS an answer.

Now is the time to stop searching and finally get more clarity, more meaning, and discover your life’s true meaning.

Letting Go Guidance CardsI developed the “Letting Go Guidance” cards to help my clients have a tool which allowed them to investigate areas in their lives which felt restricted and/or not in alignment with what they wanted to create for themselves.

I have always believed that every emotion we experience, whether it is at the top of the emotional scale (Joy, Love, Freedom, Appreciation) or at the bottom (Powerlessness, Hopelessness, Fear, Despair) of the scale – each emotion demands of us to fully feel it and allow it to flow through us without any sense of holding or resistance.

This idea is easy when we are at the top of the scale, but most of us resist truly feeling into the lower scale emotions, on a sub-conscious level we feel that if we go into our darker or heavier emotions that we will get stuck and/or never come out of it… so we run away from these heavier kinds of emotions, thinking on some level that running away from them will ultimately make them disappear!

It is from this perspective that the “Letting Go Guidance” cards were developed. They provide tools with which you can create a framework for yourself to dig deep and experience all aspects of You – the good, the bad and the ugly! I believe that when we acknowledge every experience we encounter as an invitation or a catalyst to BE more of our Divine Essence, then that is when we learn to feel what we feel and let go of what no longer serves.

There may be many more levels of catalyst and emotional pieces that you need to experience and let go than what I have noted in the card descriptions but I encourage you to use this as a starting space for a deep sense of inquiry and alignment with all that you are.

You can order your own set for $40 (plus $24 shipping) – this includes the deck of cardsĀ and the guidebook.

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